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Coach Paul - Campus Pastor

Coach Paul Bartels is an ordained pastor with the AGIF (Assembly of God International Fellowship).  In 2009, God called him from the sideline of a minor league football field (hence, the nickname, "Coach") to the ministry as a bi-vocational pastor.  It was at that time that he developed a deep passion to reach youth with the love and power of Jesus.  He worked as an inner-city children and youth pastor in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for five years.  In July of 2016, after moving his family to Nixa, Missouri, Coach answered the call from God and planted Beacon Ministries.  He is also an architectural designer.  
​Coach is a faithful husband to his wife, Corbyn, and a dedicated father to his four children, all of whom are involved in making Beacon Ministries a success. 


Favorite verse:  Jeremiah 29:11

Letter From Coach Paul
Pastor Corbyn - Youth Pastor

Pastor Corbyn Bartels holds a Masters Degree in Theology from Valley Forge University and a Duel BS Degree in Education and Special Education from Evangel University.  Along with being the Executive and Children's Pastor of Beacon Ministries, Corbyn works in a public high school as a special education process coordinator.  Her passion is to teach people how to follow Jesus in practical ways that makes sense to them and disciple them how to live out their faith in everyday life.  

Along with being Paul's wife, she is his primary spiritual supporter that makes Beacon Ministries a success. She is also a fantastic mother to her four children and is known for being a "dog whisperer." 

​Favorite verse:  John 3:17

Scott Vanscoy - Associate Pastor

Scott Vanscoy graduated from Missouri Baptist College, then attended SW Theological Seminary. He was involved in his church as the youth pastor until he felt God’s calling for him to go into teaching. From 1990-2009, he taught MS and HS history while coaching girls’ basketball at several different schools. For the past 10 years, he  a photographer for Lifetouch school photography. He has recently retired from Lifetouch and is exploring his options. Scott has been married to his wife, Kristine, for 34 years and they have a son who is 29 years old.

He has a passion for leading and teaching young people and won’t let his current health situation keep him from being a disciple of Christ.

​Favorite verse: Philippians 4:13

Mya Bartels - Children's Pastor

Mya Bartels is a student at Nixa High School. She has had a passion for ministry since she was very young because her parents have been involved in ministry all her life. They have taught her how to serve God and pray for other people continuously. She has a passion for Children’s Ministry because she believes it does not matter how old you are, God is ready to use you now. She firmly believes that children are more willing to believe in everything God is capable of doing. By introducing them to God’s power at a young age, she hopes they will grow up living for Him and praying for the people in their lives with the faith that God will do what they are asking of Him. She is the daughter of Coach Paul and Pastor Corbyn, and a sister to her three siblings.

​Favorite verse: Hebrews 11:1

Don and Erin Worthley-
Small Group Leaders

Erin Worthley is a homemaker. Her passion is loving the Bible and helping others discover ways to see God in the world, in their lives, and in His Word. She loves her husband and five children very much and is fascinated by people and their stories. 

​Favorite verse: John 17:3

Elijah Bartels - Technology Leader

Elijah is a student at Nixa High School. 

​Favorite verse: